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Summer Staple: Vintage Levi Cut-Offs

Since buying my first pair of levi cut off shorts from a little vintage store in Amsterdam this past spring, I can’t stop thinking of the countless ways to wear them during the hot summer heat here in Rome. My favorite part about these shorts (besides making your butt look amazing!) is that they’ve been turned from weird old mom/dad jeans into something fun and versatile for summer. I found these two images while scouring pinterest (one of my many hobbies) and have definitely decided that besidses the obvious pairing with a tee or tank, why not dress it up?

I like the juxdaposition between the vintage, frayed shorts and a nice blouse or a pair of chunky wedges. It helps dress up the look, while still keeping it fresh and laid back.

Another interesting way to spice up the cut-offs is by wearing them with leggings or ankle/shin boots during the colder days.

I know some people may disagree and say that Levi cut-offs are too 90’s, but to me something so versatile that flatters your figure (hello they’re daisy dukes…if you’ve got it, rock it) will never go out of stye for summer.

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