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Springing into Prints & Patterns

Now that it is officially spring here in Dallas, I am more than ready to start mixing more color and texture into my life. Some of the easiest ways I find is through patterns. I have a board dedicated to prints and patterns on pinterest and find myself constantly saving them as my iPhone backgrounds for a pop of texture in my daily life. Here are a few ways I love my patterns:

1 - Home Decor

I have been on a search all winter for a framed print to help brighten up my bedroom..This print particularly caught my eye because of the color palette combined with the contrasting patterns on the pillows


I have toyed with the idea of putting up wallpaper on a wall in my apartment, especially ones that incorporate metallic. Apartment walls can get bland and boring, but adding this fairly inexpensive idea is kind of intriguing to me….Urban Outfitters has this wallpaper that might be a semi-inexpensive way to try it out

2 - Fashion

Florals seem to be the biggest trend for spring season after season, and I think a good way of breaking that up is by replacing florals with prints. Not only do I love bright and bold colors, I also am intrigued by patterns that turn up the glam factor in a more elegant way


Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013


Temperly London SS13

3 - Prints (Black & White)

I love the trend of black and white for spring. To me, it is timeless. I will never get sick of the combination.


endpaper - ink on hemp paper by Robert Hardgrave


Photo by Samm Blake

Since I am a girly girl who loves florals, I like this take on the black and white created floral image with a little pop of color.

What are your spring favorites?

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I’ve been loving lace these past few months, and I’ve noticed a trend in numerous stores back at home in the US and in Italy. Just today while shopping at Zara in Rome, I picked up a navy/gray lace top with a scoop back and gold zipper with quarter length sleeves. I love how feminine and chic this trend is, and plan on incorporating it into my pre-spring, spring, and summer wardrobe this year. Here are a few images of inspiration courtesy of my favorite website, Pinterest. Enjoy :)

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